Kirk has combined a unique workout that totally trains the mind, body and spirit. The ”New Age” athlete simply wants to improve some aspect of his/her own daily life while staying in shape. Focus is placed on cardiovascular workouts and coordination development for the class. Emphasis is placed on learning correct Martial Art principles, while Fluidness is placed on a Total Body and Mind workout. A Fitness Interval Training curriculum is shared by changing routines that work out entire body from head to toe and from external to internal.

A unique training philosophy has finally evolved from 40+ years training into a cutting edge Fitness Program. The Name is simply
F.I.T. (Fitness Interval Training). Martial Arts and drills for both hands/legs, Intense isometric muscle development by ‘burning’ the legs and arms, Jumping Rope for cardio exercise, Juggling for timing and coordination, Body Sculpting that focuses on Gluttes and Stomach, Agility training, Balancing, Chi development…and Much More! This concept has been taught to many students/clients over the years. Results are not only guaranteed physically, but more important is the mental and spiritual growth that allows a nice balance in one’s life. It has combined Martial Arts, Balance, Applications, and Movement which has evolved into a “True” Workout.

Whether it be for losing weight, gaining strength and confidence, developing coordination and timing, or the mental focus to improve – Simply Put… IT WORKS! For your benefit – Give it a Try!

The Working Warrior Workout


This course discusses techniques in overcoming obstacles along with concepts to coping with situations in and out of the corporate or education environment. Techniques involved and principles taken from Martial Arts wisdom has helped enrich the lives, personal safety and wellness of individuals throughout the country along with increasing productivity in the workplace.

The seminar is designed for persons who may not know martial arts nor how to defend themselves physically or mentally. Yet, Common Sense Self-Defense takes over four decades of Martial Arts training and wisdom … and leaves an imprint that lasts a lifetime for each participant. The Common Sense Self-Defense Seminar Includes:

  • Awareness
  • Self Defense
  • Safety Tips
  • Positive Thinking
  • Coping Skills
  • Motivation
  • Attitude

This workshop is packed with practical information and methods that will immediately and dramatically increase your business — we guarantee it!

  • How to use a common sense approach to personal safety
  • How to find PEACE (Principle, Education. Awarness, Creativity, Evolution)
  • How to apply personal development and safety
  • “The 3-Ring Circus” concept
  • How to take appropriate action

Why should your organization or employees participate?

This course will provide a service designed to meet the needs of participants. All information is structured to increase consistency in all areas of individual motivation, health, confidence, personality and life appreciation.

The people in your organization may have good reason to be concerned for their personal safety. Now is the time to join those who are learning awareness , control and reaction in all types of situations with Common Sense Self-Defense.

This workshop is available in either 60-minute, 90-minute, 2-hours or 3-hours formats.

NEW CLASS in 2024 – Self Defense for Seniors

Common Sense Self Defense – Information (1-sheet)

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