Thanks Kirk, You really do a fantastic job with the students.
Deloris W. Brown, Coordinator
Englewood Family Resource Center
Dear Mr. Kirk, Thank you for helping me on being a leader. I'm really starting to improve now. So I would like to thank you for helping me improve my leadership.
Tyrese P., Student
Spring Park Elementary
Kirk is an inspiration to the entire Cuong Nhu Martial Arts Association. My words can not express the total respect and admiration I have for him as a Sensei (teacher) and a leader.
Quynh Ngo, Grandmaster
Cuong Nhu Martial Arts
It is so awesome to see your work continuing to touch, shape, motivate and transform young lives all around our city! We need your programs in every school!!!! Keep up the great work my friend!!
Kevin Gay, President/CEO
Operation New Hope
Kirk is art in motion when it comes to his heavy bag, speed bag, jumping rope and leg/arm workouts. I have seen a lot of athletes train over the years, and he is at the top of the list. Every athlete could use his style to take it to an entire new level. I would not be surprised to see his training principles benefitting professional athletes in the very near future.
Dr. Thomas Kiska, Owner
Advanced Chiropractic Nutrition Centers
I feel all students would benefit from the FACE program. I have taught for 31 years and truly feel this is one of the most beneficial programs taught in my classroom. This program can help prevent many social problems our children face in today's world. Thank you again for providing us with this experience!
Sharon Conrad, Teacher
San Pablo Elementary
Thank you so much for the pictures and for coming out and working with our kids! I know they truly enjoyed it and definitely looked forward to Wednesdays! I know they learned so much from the program. I have seen a big difference in them. Again, Thank you!
Ms. Mildred Sierra, School Counselor
John Love Elementary
Our Be-Well Health Promotion Team plans to continue to offer Common Sense Self Defense to our Associates in the upcoming year. The overall ratings for Mr. Farber’s course has consistently been at the top every time he comes to educate and entertain the employees.
Linda Wolfenbarger, Director
AT&T Universal Card Services
Kirk Farber is a superb speaker being both very knowledgeable and approachable. The program Common Sense Self Defense was extremely informative and we plan to have Mr. Farber back again and again.
Dorette Nysewander, Coordinator
Johnson and Johnson Health Wellness
Kirk, Thank you for what you do with our children. I look forward to continuing working with you in the future at all of our elementary schools. It would be great to get a program such as yours started in the middle schools as well.
Karen Schum, Coordinator
Westside Family Resource Center
Thanks for your support and leadership. You are making a changes in the lives of our young people.
Felicia Simmons, Coordinator
Greater Springfield Family Resource Center
Kirk Farber has been THE one speaker that the kids in the Pre-Trial Detention Facility get the most out of his talks. He TRULY has made a difference in their lives and mine too. He has volunteered his talents and time since 1997.
Peggy Johnson, Co-Founder
Youth Leadership Program at Jacksonville Jail
Kirk, I Did It!! It just came about, getting that third ball out of the hand. As you said, PRACTICE - PRACTICE and you will get better. It added a new dimension to my life - You are a Great Teacher!!
Dick Bloodgood, 72 years young
Learned how to Juggle
Impressive, Awesome, Amazing Information, Best Training ever – just some of the comments from our employees after Kirk’s seminar.
Jackie Saunders, Manager
Carpet InfoSource
Thank you for your exhilarating program! The assembly kept the K-6 students engaged and active for the entire hour. Your lesson, coupled with hands-on demonstrations, was enjoyed by kids and parents alike. We look forward to working with you in the future and bringing you back to hopefully present your workshop course.
Jacqueline Draper, Prep Club Manager
Beaches Habitat for Humanity
On behalf of Nemours Children's Clinic and the American Cancer Society, we wish to express our Sincere appreciation for the wonderful demonstration and talk you presented to the Children's Holiday Party. The children were very impressed with some of your feats, and they seemed to enjoy being invited up on stage to be a part of the presentation - they felt special, Thank you!
Lori Ann Whittington, Area Executive Director
American Cancer Society
Kirk, I think what you are doing for and with the children is wonderful! You have always made a difference!
Rosemary Kristoff, Realtor
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
The feedback from our tenants has been very positive. I would like to schedule these seminars on a regular basis.
Meg Morgan, Coordinator
Liberty Property Trust
Sensei Kirk, Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much fun Jonathan had last week at FACE summer camp. We would have signed up for next week, but he is in NJ with his grandparents. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful program!
Shana L., parent
FACE4Kids camp
Sophia loved the class. When she got home from school that day she asked me to grab her arm and showed me how she could break free. When Mr. Farber spoke about the possible percentage of kids that could have an "incident" at some point in their lives it got her attention. As a parent I appreciate that. You can never be too careful.
Ms. Sayer, Parent
CSSD Seminar for elementary children
Well the feedback on you and your session was overwhelmingly positive. The girls and their moms commented today on how much they enjoyed it. What you teach is so important/essential today, and obviously the girls had a strong interest in it. And, you have an obvious gift for what you are doing. You relate well to the audience, and make learning interesting and fun.
Dana Carpenter, Coordinator
Girl's Summit - Teen Girl Workshop
I love the idea that you are promoting the FACE program at the AMS conference. The FACE program compliments the Montessori approach and curriculum in many ways and could be a wonderful addition to any school.
Nancy Hatton, Lead Directress
Montessori Tides School
Thank you for teaching Joseph what it means to have a strong mindset! He doesn’t have a father involved in his life and this class is very helpful to build him up!
Samara I., parent
FACE4kids afterschool
Thank you! Jax has loved it and was sharing things he has learned over the weekend. Thank you for pouring into our children!
Jessica S., parent
FACE4kids afterschool
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