Vision without action
is a dream soon forgotten!


Services are based on Martial Arts wisdom and principles in order to improve some aspect of ''your'' daily life.

Techniques involved and principles taken from martial arts wisdom WILL help enrich the lives, personal safety and wellness of employees, students, and organizations. Services are designed to meet the needs of the client, along with increasing productivity in today's environment.

Focus, Quality and Respect are the foundation of The Working Warrior, Inc. services. The navigation links will share more information and we look forward to working with you.


To successfully combine Fitness with presentation skills, building self-esteem and character development in the childrens' environment of today.

Building a Community – One Leader at a Time!
General Assembly - Focus is on being a Leader with 'Edu-taining' audiences with positive messages!

Fitness Interval Training: A unique workout that totally trains the mind, body and spirit. The ''New Age'' athlete simply wants to improve some aspect of his/her own daily life while staying in shape.

Common Sense Self Defense
Awareness, Control and Reaction in any Environment or Group (Teens, Seniors, Women, etc.)

Crossing the Bridge from Concern to Comfort
Applying Martial Arts Wisdom in the Workplace

CORE Program
A cutting edge program that inspires, educates, entertains, and motivates the at-risk youths of today into the leaders of tomorrow. At-Risk Youth or individuals selected prior, during or after incarceration - Courage, Ownership, Respect, and Enthusiasm.


Voice-Over / Acting
Professional Voice-Over and Acting Services


Disciplined skill and technique, mastery of mind and action and the commitment to be of service – quality with experience.


The Working Warrior, Inc. combines a unique blend of the moving arts. Kirk Farber, 7th degree Black Belt, Executive Director of non-profit, web consultant, fitness trainer and professional speaker planted the seed.He applies Martial Art wisdom and principles within the individual to improve some aspect of one's daily life.

The original seminars were an educating and entertaining approach to personal safety awareness that emphasized mind, body, and soul with common sense principles. Kirk has now evolved his skills and past experiences into a multitude of services that totally complement

Tell us what you want and The Working Warrior, Inc. can lead you in the right direction. It may be web design and development, internet solutions, workshops, seminars, training, or methodologies and best practices within an industry. We will be glad to talk with you at your convenience.

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