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Training to promote a better you
Welcome To The Working Warrior

A New Direction in Training

Through the study of ancient Martial Arts, The Working Warrior, Inc. has developed a powerful new system of teaching and educating strategies and techniques for children, organizational or individual improvement. We have discovered a foundation of three principles that hold the key for success:

  • Strive to Improve
  • Respect yourself and others too
  • Commitment to be of service

The concept is simple: Quality, Experience, Education and Entertainment shared through services to clients. Successful organizations are discovering it's not just the knowledge their employees/students possess, but attitude and strength of mind that wins.

Training to promote a better You.

To understand The Working Warrior, Inc., you need to sit back, click on the various navigation links, and enjoy the web site.

Beware of your thoughts for they become words,
Beware of your words for they become actions,
Beware of your actions for they become habits,
Beware of your habits for they become character,
But most of all...
Beware of your character for it becomes your destiny.

Working as a Partner

The Working Warrior, Inc. honors itself with partnering with several other consulting companies – all with the same goal as providing quality service with honesty and integrity. The Quality and Experience speaks volumes -- web development, technical consulting, at-risk kids, training, lessons, keynotes, workshops, or strategies - All the Same!

We CAN Talk the Talk AND Walk the Walk!
What We Provide

The Working Warrior provides:

  • Services and Programs

  • Seminars - Workshops

  • Web-based Projects

The Popular Youth Leadership program that Works!
Since 2003 in over 40 different Elementary schools!
Fitness And Character Education
FACE Program

The Working Warrior is proud of our programs and services - focused in helping others!