Accepting challenges and ideas while maintaining a leadership role within a working team environment.

This workshop has a defining statement to work with clients who want satisfied and motivated employees by applying Martial Arts wisdom in the workplace.

The workshop is a combination of keynote and participant interaction. It is broken up into four different modules, discussing Common Power Sense, Yin and Yang of Management, Positive Mental Attitude, and Stress Management Techniques.

The Crossing the Bridge workshop includes:

  • Awareness
  • Belief in self and others
  • Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Enjoyment

This workshop is packed with practical information and methods that will immediately and dramatically increase your business — we guarantee it!

Crossing the Bridge from Concern to Comfort Includes

  • 10 Stages of growth in personal development
  • List of stressors (work and non-work related)
  • 3 O's of team management
  • Positive Mental Attitude - A Way of Life
  • Peak performance is as simple as ABCDE
  • Stress management and effective coping
  • 5 P's of an achiever, 5 D's of a winner
  • Relaxation of mind and body

Why should your organization or employees participate?

This course will provide a service designed to meet the needs of participants. All information is structured to increase consistency in all areas of individual motivation, coping with stress, positive attitude, and leadership role within a team environment.

The people in your organization may have good reason to be concerned for crossing the bridge from concern to comfort. Now is the time to join those who are learning awareness , control and reaction within the mind, body and spirit of each participant.

This workshop is available in either four or eight-hour formats.


We are results-focused in everything we do. We promise results, work for results and we get results- children and adults!

The Working Warrior, Inc. is very much in tune with the sharing, disseminating, and focusing on the universal word of PEACE . Our services, our teachings and our attitudes are based on THE universal concept thru PEACE. Whether it be our private lessons, our team building programs, our children's birthday parties, our Common Sense Self Defense seminars, our technical consulting, or our ''Way of Life'' ... they all have their roots in the acronym:

  P rinciple
  E ducation
  A wareness
  C reativity
  E volution

A positive mental attitude is developed, with emphasis on posture, breathing, and exercise. Techniques and peak performance in order to improve ones' self-being is as simple as ABCDE

A wareness (well prepared)
B elief (in self and others)
C ommitment (to excellence)
D edication (a labor of love)
E njoyment (have fun)